How to buy my doll?

If you like my dolls and want to add one (or more) of them to your collection, you can either purchase an already made one - RTG

(whenever I have it in stock) or order a custom-made one, specially tailored for you.

RTG dolls

If you are interested in purchasing one of my RTG (finished) dolls, your best bet to grab one as soon as it is made is to follow me on one of the platforms where I publish my activities: my Facebook fan page, Instagram, my Big Cartel Shop or this website. On my FB page and Instagram, I publish dolls that are still in production, so if you see one that you like, you can reserve it in advance as well.

The Doll Shelf also has a store on Etsy, but I place the dolls first on the previously listed platforms, and only then in the Etsy shop if they are not sold in the meantime.

CUSTOM dolls

If you want me to make a doll specifically made for you, do not hesitate to contact me. You can write to me at thedollontheshelf@gmail.com or you can send me a private message on my FB page or Instagram.

The price of my dolls depends on their size, method of production, materials used and clothing.

All my dolls are eco friendly and I use only natural materials to make them.

Here are some approximate prices!

The prices mentioned here are made in regards to a doll with one full set of clothes. Any additional clothing has a separate fee.

„Cupcake“ collection: 8 "- 9"- 10“ price: 200 - 270 USD

„Cupcakes“ are tiny dolls about 8" - 10“ tall. The head of the doll is shaped by a needle felting technique and the eyes are embroidered with cotton thread. Wool is a difficult medium for working out small details, so sculpting such a small head is a great challenge. The body is coated with high quality cotton jersey.„Cupcake“ is mostly filled with wool, but some parts of its body have cavities which are filled with granules of fine sand. They help give a sense of weight when the doll is held in one’s hand. More importantly, this sand helps give stability when the doll is standing, so it can stand without support if the proper balance is achieved. It is also capable of sitting without any assistance. So, even though the doll is soft enough to be easily squeezable in the hand, it has enough strength to stand and sit on its own.

The hair can be made out of sheep fleece, felted wool or wool yarn. The hairstyle made with these materials generally does not allow much room for change. Some articles of clothing can be removed, others not.

„Grace“ collection: from 11" to 16" price: 545 - 615 USD

This is my original style, the one that I‘ve been making since my dollmaking origins and to which I‘ve stayed true and faithful to ever since. The doll is elegant, of a delicate build, in 1:5 or 1:6 ratios of head to body (like an 8-10 year old girl). All her body parts are very firmly felted and anatomically correct (at least as much is possible given the medium). Initially, all the dolls had a wire armature, but I gradually began to drop it from the design – first from the arms, then more and more often from the legs as well. Nowadays, my dolls made in this style only obligatorily have a piece of wire between the head and torso, and only occasionally in the legs as well.

"Mini Grace“ collection: 8"- 9"- 10" price: 520 USD

I make these dolls using the same technique I use on my larger, 11"- 16" "Grace dolls", doing my best not to reduce the quality and amount of detail due to the small size. The dolls are entirely structurally felted using the dry felting technique on wool (the head, torso, arms and legs). The dolls have a piece of wire connecting the head and neck, which gives them the capability of holding neck poses. They can also stand and sit independently, with no support. The body is filled with sheep wool and covered with high quality certified cotton jersay . The hair is made from natural animal hair.

„Bubble of Joy“ collection: from 18" to 20" price: 700 USD

This style is quite radically different from my original slender, elegant designs. The head to body ratio is approximately 1:4.5. She is chubby, and her appearance gives the impression of sympathetic clumsiness – but that, exactly, is her charm. As she is larger than my other styles, and considering the fact that her bodily proportions favor her head, I have the opportunity to make more details, so her eyes are embroidered in a more complex fashion, and she can even have teeth. I especially took great pains to make sure that I strike the best balance between firmness and softness for certain parts of her body, so that she is soft enough to be huggable yet sturdy enough so that she can stand on her own two legs with ease, as well as sit and keep various poses.

Doll Boy

I make boys as part of all the above mentioned collections and their basic characteristics, as well as prices, are same as with the girls.


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