Waldorf doll Stella

Waldorf doll Stella is a one of a kind, Waldorf-inspired, art doll. She is 12" (30 cm) tall and made of fully natural fibers.

Her head, body, arms and legs are needle-felted. In her creation clean, carded wool has been used as a filling and high quality cotton jersey (Laib Yala) was used to make her skin. Wire has been run through some parts of her body. She has ears, a bellybutton, and her whole torso has a believable and life-like structure, having a slender waist and a cute little bum.

The wire connects her head (neck)and torso. This improves the capabilities of the doll, so that she can hold various head positions.

The doll can stand and sit with stability with no outside support. She is made in 5:1 proportions (the ratio between her head and body), so she has a very thin appearance.

Facially, her eyes are embroidered with blue and brown cotton floss and her cheeks and lips were gently blushed. The doll has blond (light brown) hair made from alpaca locks discreetly hand-sewn to her head. It can be very gently restyled but keep in mind that alpaca is very thin and fragile and it is highly discouraged to use standard combing equipment (comb, brush) for its design.

Stella also comes with clothing specifically tailored to her:

-a cotton dress

-a knitted sweater


-socks and

-genuine leather shoes

Stella is an art doll and she has been hand-crafted with a great deal of care. She should be handled very carefully and is recommended for adults collectors (not for a children's toy).

Stella is available for adoption. In case you are interested in giving her a warm home, her listing is on my shop, which you can find at the following link: Waldorf doll Stella


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