Una 18″ (38 cm)

Una 18" (38 cm)

The first three dolls in this gallery are not the first dolls I have ever made, but they were certainly made without any great knowledge or experience, so I consider them the creations of a beginner.
Una, besides being one of my earlier dolls, is the first one where I have used a wire armature. I actually began installing wire into my dolls very early on as I couldn't figure out how else to solve the problem of movements and keeping poses in a satisfactory manner. I don't really remember how, exactly, I made her. I recall that I have had many dilemmas around the technical details which I encountered for the first time, and that me and my husband spent hours discussing this. Since he also loves crafting things, he eagerly joined in on thinking about this topic. When I finally completed her, she was my pride and joy, my crowning achievement up until that point.

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