Brynnah 7″ (17 cm)

Brynnah 7" (17 cm)

I named this design „Cupcakes“. The head of the doll is shaped by a needle felting tehnique and the eyes are embroidered with cotton thread.The body is coated with high quality cotton jersey.
„Cupcake“ is mostly filled with wool, but some parts of its body have cavities which are filled with granules of fine sand. They help give a sense of weight when the doll is held in one’s hand. More importantly, this sand helps give stability when the doll is standing, so it can stand without support if the proper balance is achieved. It is also capable of sitting without any assistance. So, even though the doll is soft enough to be easily squeezable in the hand, it has enough strength to stand and sit on it’s own.
Some articles of clothing can be removed, others not.

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