Marigold – A Riot of Colors

Marigold is a Waldorf-inspired unique doll, 14 inches tall, with a gentle face and vibrant colors.

Simply looking at her is enough to lift spirits. After the cold, harsh days of winter, I felt the need for renewal and refreshment. But that is not the only reason for this choice of colors. I noticed that as the years go by, I have an ever growing need for more intense colors.

She belongs to a collection that I call „Grace“. It is characterized by a delicate appearance – a slender body in 1:5 or 1:6 proportions, and the constitution of an 8-10 year old girl. This is a type of doll that I‘ve been making since my earliest dollmaking days, and to which I always ultimately return to after my short bouts of experimentality.

Marigold is an art doll meant for adult collectors, but can also be toy for a child above 7 years old, who can handle objects carefully.

Her head, body, legs and arms are made using the needle felting technique. Body parts shaped like this are dressed with quality cotton jersey cloth (Laib Yalla), and then connected into a whole. In her neck, between the torso and head, is a piece of wire that allows the doll to hold numerous head poses and keep them in place, but the whole body in general is made and connected in such a way as to allow easy keeping of poses, as well as standing and sitting with no support.

Waldorf doll 14 inches Marigold
Waldorf doll 14 inches Marigold
Waldorf doll 14 inch Marigold
Waldorf doll

Marigold‘s hair is made of Gotland locks. I make my dolls‘ hair starting out from completely raw fleece. Out of it, I make weft, and then a wig. I also do the dyeing myself. It seamlessly flows from one shade to another, which contributes to its natural appearance. I go through this whole, complex process, because it gives me more creative possibilities and freedom of choice.

As for her clothes, Marigold has a blouse made of cotton jersey cloth, a magnificent model in spectacular colors (I hope you will agree). Her skirt is made out of denim fabric with quite a lot of details, to which I‘ve intentionally given a look of some wear. I love the look of worn denim and have long sought a method by which I could replicate this appearance. Marigold also has a knitted part of her wardrobe – an alpaca wool scarf and a beretta hat. She also has deep shoes with shoelaces, made of genuine leather.

Waldorf doll 14 inch Marigold
Waldorf doll Marigold


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