Iris – the Winter Flower

Waldorf doll 19 inch

Meet my new doll - Iris. She is my second foray into the field of big, chubby waldorf dolls.

There were several uncertainties and repeated steps, some several times, during her production. At times it seemed like the work was going nowhere and there was no end in sight, but the feeling of satisfaction that I got after all these trials was more than adequate compensation.

Waldorf doll 19 inch

According to one interesting theory, creative artists can be split into two types - the first, who dedicate themselves to one creative idea, cultivating it over and over, yearning to get ever closer to its ideal final form, and the second that ceaselessly search, change focus and go through various phases of transformation.

Of course, to me, it seems that the largest number are those that combine both approaches, with one having the tendency to stay longer in one phase, while the others in another.

I can see myself in both approaches. Sometimes, I jump from phase to phase and transform, but I also often stay in one phase, enjoying the repeated experience of treading a relatively known path, testing limits and trying to go further than last time. In this way, I balance out the known, already mastered and safe road that protects me from great frustrations,and the uncertain one which provides for great excitement and stokes the fires of curiosity and is, above all, good fun.

Waldorf doll 19 inch
Waldorf doll 19 inch

Iris is a doll that was created as a result of my creative research. She is a big, waldorf inspired girl, 19" tall. She is meant for adult collectors, but can also be a very pretty toy for a child above 5-7 years old, if they can handle objects carefully.

Her head, body and legs were shaped using the needle felting wool technique, while her arms are filled with wool. I especially took great pains to make sure that I strike the best balance between firmness and softness for certain parts of her body, so that she is soft enough to be huggable yet sturdy enough so that she can stand on her own two legs with ease, as well as sit and keep various poses.

Apart from being taller than most of my dolls, Iris also has different bodily proportions. The advantage of making a big doll is that it gives space for a lot of details. I love using that advantage while working on the face. What makes Iris especially charming, above all, is her purple-cyan hair, which was made out of mohair pelt. Of her other noteworthy quirks, she also has two teeth that can be seen just below her upper lip and handmade copper glasses.

Waldorf doll 19 inch

Iris wears a hooded vest jacket made of soft wool velour with rabbit fur, denim jumper pants, a long-sleeved cotton T-shirt, striped footless tights and genuine leather shoes.

Waldorf doll 19 inch
Waldorf doll 19 inch

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4 thoughts on “Iris – the Winter Flower”

  1. Adorable! If you don’t mind me asking what is the process for doing the hair? I’ve been looking with no luck and want to do something similar to your for my granddaughter. Thank you. Wendy.

    1. Hello Wendy, thank you for visiting my website!
      This hair is made in an essentially very simple way. A very fine quality piece of mohair fur is used, which I dyed and then made a cap out of – a wig, which I then sewn onto the head. This is the easiest way of making doll hair.

    1. Thank you for your visit and kind words, Sandra!
      I currently organize no workshops, but I’m giving it very serious consideration and I’m sure I’ll hold them in the future. I will make a notification about it on my website and social media once I have concrete plans.

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