The only thing you need to constantly look for is inspiration. Sharing and spreading inspiration is the highest purpose that art can have.

Black dolls

It is much harder to make the face of a black doll than a white one. You encounter different kinds ...

How to pick the right locks for doll hair

I once heard that hair is a woman’s most beautiful ornament. I think that the smile would take that honor, ...
Waldorf doll 14 inch Marigold

Marigold – A Riot of Colors

Marigold is a Waldorf-inspired unique doll, 14 inches tall, with a gentle face and vibrant colors. Simply looking at her ...
Waldorf doll 19 inch

Iris – the Winter Flower

Meet my new doll - Iris. She is my second foray into the field of big, chubby waldorf dolls. There ...
Waldorf doll Angel

Fantasy and Character inspired dolls

When we attain a certain degree of skill in a field, and when multiple of our own ideas and challenges ...

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